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Rating of the Top Life Insurance Companies
American General Life
Americom Life
Ameritas Life
Banner Life
Protective Life
Chase Insurance Life
Old Mutual Financial Life
Lincoln Financial Group
MONY Life Insurance
North American Company
Ohio National
Security Mutual Life
Transamerica Life
Zurich Life Insurance

About Us

With 1stInsuranceQuotes.com you will have the advantage, of utilizing a quality, online insurance information center with buyer information on a variety of topics—for instance, an explanation on "the difference in Whole and Term Life insurance." In addition to that, we provide an easy and convenient means for requesting quotes online.
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We do not sell or market insurance products, nor do we provide quotes ourselves. What we do, however, is help connect you with companies and agents who have the appropriate license to give you the information you seek. Networking with hundreds of licensed professional agents across the country, we provide a means—through Internet technology—to connect you within seconds with the person who has the insurance product(s) designed to fit your specific needs. You will be contacted by individuals who can offer you the lowest available premiums with highly rated companies.

Usually people receive a contact within 24 hours of using our systemsometimes within the very hour that you complete the profile form. In the meantime, you can use our site to educate yourself about the kind of insurance you need. Insurance applications can be tricky, and the language in a policy is often tedious, difficult to read, and even more difficult to understand. Even before meeting the licensed professional who will help you get exactly what you need, you can bone up on some of the terms and various applications related to insurance. This will help you know what questions to ask your agent, making it much more likely that you will be satisfied with your coverage from the very first day.

Using our site
You will find the site easy to navigate. If you need a new insurance policy, simply click on the type of insurance you want and complete the form. The more accurate the information you provide in the form, the better quality quote you will receive.

Do you already have insurance and just want to compare? You can compare your current insurance with other products and find out just how good your policy really is. You may discover that your current policy and premium is already very competitive and well worth keeping. There’s nothing quite like knowing that the agent you trusted really did give you the best service available for your situation.

Are you hesitant about providing contact information? You needn't worry. Every effort is made to keep your information confidential—passing it on only to agents fully qualified to assist you. We encourage you to take a moment to review our statement of privacy.

Act While It’s On Your Mind
The one mistake you don’t want to make when it comes to insurance is to put it off. Far too many people realize that they need some type of insuranceperhaps because they never had it, or because they let a former policy lapse, or maybe even because another friend or family member suddenly had a need for insurance which brought their own situation to the forefront. If it has occurred to you to look for insurance, there is a reason. If you put it off, certain things are likely to happen. Oneif your concern is for some type of life or health insurance, your price will go up as you get older. Twoif your current health changes, you may suddenly find you are eligible only for a very limited policy or even for none at all. If you are looking for some other type of insurance, you may suddenly find yourself in a position where you need to file a claim and can’t because you never took out that insurance.

Act now and take advantage of our service to be sure you have the coverage you need when you need it.

Note, that that all quotation requests must be made via the online quote forms; however, should you have a technical or general question about our website, please feel at liberty to contact us.

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